Epson industrial robots: the provincial, small, fine in the end

Lift Seiko Epson (Epson), you may think of its high-quality printers and projectors. But you know what? Epson production of industrial robots have been more than 30 years, and its four-axis SCARA SCARA robot in the world to occupy a larger market share. In China, Epson robots are increasingly welcomed by the users, since entering the China market has maintained rapid growth.
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Epson Seiko Epson historical development of Japanese industry predecessor was founded in 1942, was originally a watch the development of manufacturing enterprises. Subsequently, Seiko Epson using its core technology to create with provincial, small, fine, the characteristics of the product, and gradually enter and expand into other business areas. Epson robot from 1981 Seiko Epson watch assembly line. At that time, Epson factory automation business unit began to share its expertise in the field of high-precision small parts assembly and other manufacturers in the world.
Founded Epson industrial robots originally designed to meet the internal automation needs, but quickly gained many of the world's highest level of recognition of manufacturing plants. Over the past 34 years, Epson industrial robots has been a leader in the field of small parts assembly work, including PC-based control, compact SCARA robots, which are widely used in the world.
Provincial, small, fine Epson robots Epson industrial robots is leading the industry in terms of ease of use, performance and reliability.

Supplier Unlike other robots, Epson has a two-layer controller products. High-performance PC controller with open architecture and compact low-end controller, the user can obtain the desired controller next-generation applications. RC620 + is the third generation of its PC-based controller, representing ever more innovative products. The controller can control up to 20 axes (two 6-axis robot and 2 SCARA arm), its feature-rich, with two processors, Microsoft Windows can be independent of the application processing requirements of real-time performance of the movement and operation after integration, reliable, able to provide real time performance PC-based controllers.

At the same time, Epson can provide low-cost, high-performance compact controller for customers small budget. RC180 micro-power drive controller specification is small, but fully functional, can control the Epson SCARA, 6-axis robot and linear modules robots, and many integration options, users can accelerate the development of next-generation products, save money.
Epson has more than 200 SCARA models. Epson is now in its third generation of compact SCARA model era, with Epson high-speed, high-precision compact SCARA models continue to lead the development of the industry. Epson G Series developed up to 1000 mm arm model can handle 20 kg load and at the same time with accuracy and speed of the Epson robot should have. C3 compact robot Epson 6-axis robot series of new products, arm length range of 600 mm to nearly 10 mm, provides a powerful solution for medium-sized 6-axis applications.
EXCEEDYOURVISION and SE15 far-sighted vision of high-quality products is inseparable from the business philosophy, and other Japanese companies like Epson attaches great importance to the role of corporate philosophy. EXCEEDYOURVISION– dream for unlimited field of vision, which is Epson's global brand slogan, concise exposition of the Epson brand promise to customers. Epson will continue to provide customers with surprise and move products and services through technological innovation, to stimulate the creativity of people around the world, allowing users to dream become a reality. Customer priority to environmental protection, respect for individuality, play the comprehensive ability, strive to become the common development of the world's trusted by the people and society, open company is Epson's philosophy. Through continuous innovation, and strive to exceed, Epson customers surprises and moved.
Epson for future sustainable development, but also to develop a long-term corporate vision – SE15. SE15 vision statement: Epson will be more efforts to study the province, small, fine art, take the platform route, to build robust businesses, creating for customers worldwide, manufactures and supplies products and services to make it move. Based on the provincial, small, fine Micro Piezo technology-based, micro-display, sensing and robotics core technology, Epson want to print, visual communication, quality of life, promoting the production of the four major areas of manufacturing innovation and change, and to exceed customer expectations and create products and services. At the same time, also we want the help of these technologies to meet the potential demand for sport, personal health and medical markets and other new areas of business growth.
Epson industrial robots at a reasonable Chinese philosophy clear positioning of various products of Epson, Epson promote industrial machines sold overseas. In Chinese market, for example: in October 2009, Epson robots formally established service centers and marketing headquarters in China, is part of the department Epson (China) Co., Ltd., has overall responsibility for mainland China industrial robots Epson product marketing, sales, technical support and after-sales service. After the founding of new regional headquarters, the first Chinese mainland market price for Epson robot will be repositioned so that Epson robotic products more in line with the actual needs of Chinese mainland areas of advanced manufacturing enterprises. At the same time, Epson robot is also the mainland looking for strong partners to jointly develop the Chinese market.
At present, in China to promote the products mainly to 4-axis and 6-axis industrial robot oriented, while providing the industry's common industrial robot accessories. The main product: high-speed robotics, precision robots, SCARA robots, SCARA robots, vision robots, assembly robots, handling robots, automatic assembly robot system, automated laser welding robot systems, automatic laser cutting robot systems, flexible automation robot system module robot system, a flexible modular robot system.
Epson industrial robots adhering to the high-speed, low vibration, small features, providing a global technology leader in high-performance products for Chinese users. At the same time, Epson in the visual system, conveyor tracking technology and robotics application force feedback technology has unique advantages, based on these technologies, Epson robot to make a unique, cost-effective system design becomes possible to provide a broader application for the application of industrial robots China space.
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[Ultrasonic cleaning machine manufacturers –GCL] brand, quality –GCL innovative technology!

The Fair will Huaqiao International Expo Centre exhibition is divided into two industrial and consumer exhibition. The industrial exhibition showcases intelligent manufacturing and environmental protection technology and equipment, consumer goods exhibition mainly household items and food and beverage exhibition, negotiations are expected to show an area of 80,000 square meters.
GCL cleaning equipment
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Hydrocarbon vacuum cleaning equipment ultrasonic

Under full vacuum for high-precision cleaning and drying, the cleaning liquid can be heated to 90 ℃ washing, can effectively remove high viscosity processing oil, solid wax, abrasive paste, rosin stubborn oil.
1, in addition to manual loading, the parts cleaning process fully automatic operation
2, the cleaning process is highly integrated, in a plurality of steps to complete the station
3, energy, relatively common water-based ultrasonic cleaning machine power consumption reduced by more than 50%
4, compact, space-saving plant
Device Configuration
1, heat medium oil heating system
2, distillation recovery system
3, vacuum ultrasound systems and exhaust recovery system
4, loop filter / Sprinkler systems
5, clean room
Warm in May, we Kunshan – Expo global imports Pierre, Sheng industry enjoy extraordinary pulsation, brought together China's import market updates – you want to enter the Chinese market, not to be missed!
Then GCL will showcase the latest intelligent cleaning equipment, MAO surface treatment technology, polymer materials annaike series of environmental shielding ink …… look forward to your guidance here!

Thanks for your interest! Shenzhen City Xin commitment Environmental Protection Industry Co., Ltd.
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13,824,304,065 13,751,133,887 kinds Xiao Bo whole new
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GCL has innovative technology and products, as high-tech enterprises and state-level high-tech enterprises, as the industrial cleaning industry standards advocates, innovation beyond our responsibility. Because this is the time to give us the responsibility and mission: the world ring net – own!
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April 19 was informed that a joint force to undertake double-fed wind turbines zero voltage ride through capability test research project, won the fifth national power industry equipment management innovations (technical) grand prize.
Zero voltage crossing is the core technology of wind power equipment, are key indicators of whether the decision to wind turbines and safety nets. To achieve international standards, combined with the power of the international advanced standard of zero voltage across the test requirements, test carried out in accordance with the most stringent industry standards Australian grid, through performance analysis and transformation of the transport UP2000-96 a type of wind turbine, further improve the unit and network performance, and ultimately passed the test of professional testing organizations. The project to create the first domestic double-fed wind turbine carried 400ms level zero voltage ride through capability tests, the results not only on wind turbine design, performance and operational transformation, fans and network to provide technical support, as well as to further expand the international market lay a solid foundation.
As the number of Internet users in a country of the size and capacity of the largest global information network infrastructure and world-first, in the global Internet and the increasing popularity of applications deepening the background, China has become increasingly important in the world of Internet development, applications and services markets.
It is understood that the fifth national industry equipment management innovation achievement award from a total of 221 electricity projects of major power companies participating. To get this award, a joint force in the field of wind power equipment manufacturing reflect the continuous improvement of independent innovation capability. In recent years, United Power continues to drive innovation-driven development strategy, technological breakthroughs in key areas, improve independent innovation incentive mechanism, strengthen intellectual property protection strategies and enhance their capability of independent innovation, and constantly enhance their core competitiveness.
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We deployed a firewall, intrusion detection, proxy servers and other technical measures in the Internet border to guard against intrusion from the outside world. As the saying goes: home thief difficult to prevent, the most easily defeated from within the castle, we also deployed within the network security control measures to monitor, detect and respond to security risks from internal.


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