Chinese scientific and technological innovation strength is not poor

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We live in the ah, often hear people criticize our country's level of technological innovation, it seems that China is a backward and lack of national innovation capacity. But then, let them talk about our national science behind the strength in the end where there is no bright spots, I am afraid it can not tell what they were. Recently, the number on the public, published an article, after listening, you'll understand the advantages and disadvantages of our national scientific and technological innovation capability in the end what exists in the.
Like our country's total economy, the single from the total amount of scientific papers and patents point of view, China is already the world leader. For example, the Nature Publishing Group and WIPO statistics on the show, the number of published scientific papers and patent applications, ranked first and second respectively in the world. Although the total amount of our rank well, but if you take a closer look of the indicators, which you will find really many problems.
First of all, our companies ranked in terms of scientific papers and the poor into the global top 30, only one company BGI. You might say, are not published in scientific papers universities and research institutes do for you? Why enterprises and participate in? If you think you are wrong, many of the world's large enterprises with high technological content, often with a strong scientific research strength, such as IBM, ah, etc. Samsung Group, the company has a strong R & D capabilities, reflecting a national science and technology into the core competitiveness of products, and integration of industry in our country is not only lagging behind Western countries, and even catch up with our neighbors South Korea and Japan have a certain distance.
Enterprises lack the core competitiveness Another aspect is reflected in the degree of internationalization. We have just said, the total amount of our country's patent is now first in the world, but most of these patents are in our native application. And comparing the number of overseas patent-pending, we will go far better than the United States, Japan and these countries, and its ranking fell to about the first eight. You think, ah, like the United States, Japan and enterprises in these countries are often international companies in the world have their branches, so these enterprises in overseas developed patented certainly more ah. Foreign patents behind, it is precisely the lack of reaction out of our corporate international level.
Statistics international research institutions look at the total amount of reading efficiency Cornell University showed that ah, our country's scientific innovation efficiency is only ranked 29 in the world, where in addition to containing the total efficiency of technological innovation, but also examines the inputs and hardware and software environment, and so on. In fact, just from the input-output ratio, the efficiency of our country has the sixth highest in the world, and in the major economies is ranked first. That means that many of our scientists are doing important work out in a very simple environment. So from that point of view, we really have to give yourself a point scientists praise.
But then you probably think, since the input-output ratio is so high, the level of investment we state definitely not up to much, right? Yes, the investment in infrastructure and human resources, state only about 30 in the world rankings, so we are really humble scientist laboratory, holding a meager wage to contribute to the country.

Another project is the more drag in the market maturity, our country ranked only 59, mainly due to investment in risk this one. Let's venture capital market is still too conservative, it is mainly those investments, listed companies can immediately make a lot of money. The real need for funds technology start-ups, is almost impossible to get the investment, as we are from the Silicon Valley business environment is far na.
But ah, all the indicators, the most to drag our external or social environment. Let China only routed 91. Why is this ranked so low? Mainly our social efficiency, the rule of law and regulatory quality, and so on could be improved. Although this is an indicator of a more or less contains some Western prejudice, but it also reflects the fact that the objective existence of such conduct and operating companies of many research activities, are more or less subject to some institutions or local governments make things difficult; another example is our enterprises have yet to get rid of the cottage cultural, intellectual property rights are not respected, it is a real problem.
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So you see, in fact, the strength of our country's scientific and technological innovation, and do not you think so bad. Our scientists and companies in the world, still has its own advantages and competitiveness, and the future we can not go further from a scientific and technological power transformed into technological power, depends on our ability to create a further encourage scientific innovation outside surroundings.
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【申万石油化工】——沙特阿美7月CP价格下降 利好国内丙烷脱氢行业
Internet and create the future – small and micro electric business matchmaking entrepreneurial innovation incubator resources

Biomass energy in line with the direction of the development of low-carbon environment

When the low carbon concept from the Altar to the daily life, turned this simple concept of life not only changed people's daily habits, but also led to the rise of truly low-carbon economy. As a third energy revolution pioneer low-carbon technologies, biomass resources become insurgents, both breaking the modern model of social development depend on traditional fossil fuel industry, it also brings new highlights low-carbon economy.
Biomass energy in line with the direction of the development of low-carbon environmental protection, bio-energy, also known as green energy refers to the energy obtained from biomass, which is the earliest human use of energy. It is understood that the ancients log fires, cutting pay charcoal is actually in use of bioenergy. As we all know, the main form of bioenergy biogas, biohydrogen, biodiesel and fuel ethanol. Biogas is a gas mixture of straw fermentation, livestock manure and other organic matter produced, the main component of combustible methane; biological hydrogen can be obtained by microbial fermentation, due to the combustion of water, so Hydrogen is the cleanest energy; bio-diesel is the use of enzymes vegetable oil or other liquid fuel oil after decomposition as a diesel substitute more environmentally friendly. Biodiesel is another vast field of forestry biomass energy development, many places in planting Chinese pistache and other plants, the development of biomass diesel project, PetroChina, Sinopec, CNOOC and COFCO and other central corporate giants have set up specialized agencies of biomass diesel fuel; fuel ethanol is produced when alcohol fermentation plant can be mixed with gasoline to a certain percentage, make exhaust emissions cleaner. Although the main source of energy or fossil fuels, but promising bioenergy. In China, for example, in rural areas across the country there are 700 million tons of straw, it can pass into the 100 million tons of ethanol per year. South has a lot of swamp, oil crops can be grown, the development of bio-diesel industry. Plus livestock manure, forest processing residues and the like. China's existing biomass resources available for the development of bioenergy at least 450 million tons of standard coal, equivalent to 40% of China's 2000 total primary energy consumption. Biomass refers to the use of straw, rice husk and other agricultural residues and wood chips and other wood processing residues, processing compressed pellet fuel made under certain conditions. Biomass fuel ash and sulfur and nitrogen content are low, it is a clean burning, efficient and environmentally friendly energy-saving features of renewable fuels can be directly replace coal, oil, electricity, natural gas and other energy sources. Biomass fuel combustion ash remaining after substantially no carbon, so solid incomplete combustion heat loss is substantially zero, and the incomplete combustion of coal-fired heat loss is about 7 to 15%. By sulfur dioxide emissions from coal-fired inspection agency detection is 20.5 times the raw material fuel. Thus, in addition to biomass pellet fuel can replace coal, oil and fuel, but also reduce air pollution.
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เทียน Qinxin: ฉันไม่สามารถไปสำหรับวัฒนธรรมของนวัตกรรมที่จะพูดถึงประเทศสหรัฐอเมริกา
Stimulate the creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship development
上海汽车博物馆-人事经理 上海国际汽车城发展有限公司嘉定区 120000-180000/年

Guiren Yi [version] R & D center over the complete production process men coats, worth collecting!

Male coat appearance Overview
Thrown down collar, single row of three Mingniu Xiecha bags, after the film seam split, laid out under the panties, circle fitted sleeves, cuffs nail three decorative button. Lead, lapels, door lapel, shoulder seam, swing joints, the outer sleeve joints, valves bags, back seam are Ji 1cm spigot open wire.
Male coat product specifications
Unit: cm
Male coat parts
1. Fabrics: Before the garment after garment, piece big sleeves, small sleeves tablets, noodles, collar, the collar surface, valves bags, mattress bags.
2. linings: before and after the film holder, the size of the sleeve piece, the wire embedded in bags, mattress bags, cloth bags, buckle loop, roll cloth, tape.
3. lining materials:
(1) spinning bonding lining: big body liner, liner lining, collar lining surface, collar lining, lining bags valves. (2) non-woven adhesive lining: pocket lining, back lining panties, cuff lining, sleeve lining panties, led by the band. (3) black carbon lining, chest velvet chest lining.
4. Other: flannel strips, shoulder pads, buttons, thread, cloth bags.
Male coat quality requirements
(1) various parts of the correct size, surface, the liner elastic fit. (2) split head, leading nest clothes, flat, collar length of the same angle. (3) busty, big body very flat, straight spigot, not stir without exclusion; pocket flat clothes, bags angle Founder, symmetrical. (4) shoulder very flat, symmetrical. (5) mounted along the sleeve round after round before boarding, no ripple, no hang tight phenomenon. (6) the back side board, flat service, back seam straight, do not stir back panties is not excluded. (7) spigot Ji-line straight, uniform width; slider can not afford to ripple, folder level service. (8) the appearance of clean, flat ironing clothes, no aurora, no watermark.
Male coat Making important and difficult
(1) do, loaded collar. (2) roll bars.
Male coat process
Check the cut pieces → test piece → wire Ding → sticky lining → closed Province → shrinking and stretching before and after the garment, sleeve piece → do chest lining → open pocket → complex chest lining → cladding retractor belt → vermicelli and bottom roll bar → open in bags → complex → vermicelli hot spigot turned back panties → → do Ji swing joints, do base → → do together shoulder seam collar fitted collar → → → do sleeve fitted sleeve → borrowing folder, Ji spigot → keyhole → ironing clinch → → test
Craftsmanship male coat
(A) inspect pieces
To coat the surface, where the lining cut the number of pieces and quality inspection, if any omission or defect should immediately patch or replacement.
(B) the test piece
The surface, the lining pieces according to the model be amended to ensure the accuracy of the cut pieces.
(C) wire Ding
1. wire Ding site
(1) front waist: New bit line, stacked gate line, split lines, bags bit line, bit line Province, shoulder sutures, placed sutures, hem, armhole knife line, waist line section.
(2) after the garment: high back line, the waist section line, a bottom edge, back stitch, panties back line.
(3) large piece sleeve: cuff line, partial sleeve line, the line elbow sleeves, mountain knife line.
(4) small piece sleeve: cuff line, elbow sleeves line, after the sleeve line.
2. Needle
Will cut the axillary dart Ji put sew with a needle ring ring firmly, draw attention to loose line.
(IV) clay liner
Sticky lining parts are: big body, collar face, neck, the back panties, cuffs, sleeves panties, bags bits, valves bags, noodles and the like.
(V) income provinces
First axillary Province Walled Village line with prison, on the lower elastic consistency, then the required car Ji dart. To receive the dart tip, Ji-line straight.
(Vi) normalized pull front and back piece, sleeve piece
1. go pull the front flap
(1) First wet the garment with water, sub-hot dart, the dart axillary ironing, hot evil. While at the armhole at oblique wire GuiLong, the trend toward fat chest. (2) the potential Guilong fat lapels, to the middle of the chest, and the chest fat burning potential uniform. (3) The first case of New Zealand the following eye spigot ironing, hot straight. Go straight to the bottom edge of the arc, ironing, fat trend upward. (4) The shoulder seam close to the body, the shoulders to the chest wefts, horizontal open a taste of Magdalene, the outer shoulder lateral-wire slightly upward pull.
2. After the return pull the garment (1) in the back of the armhole GuiLong and yarn path toward the back of the shoulder blade. (2) in the lumbar section of the concave potential pull and hip fat potential transports and collects. (3) the potential GuiLong back seam fat, waist section pulled back panties ironing. (4) The shoulder wefts pushed back shoulder blade area, slightly outside shoulder pulling point, while the back part of the shoulder blade potential hot fat evenly.
3. normalized pull sleeve piece large piece sleeve sleeve cuff elbow unplug the front panel, the upper portion slightly GuiLong 10cm to 10cm down after Sodeyama high return at a slightly hot.
(Vii) make the chest lining the chest lining generally consists of black carbon lining together flannel car components. According to the pattern on the chest lining province cut, with underlying pull back and forth Ji prison triangular needle. The black carbon lining and velvet lining with lines Walled good car Ji triangle line, and then spray ironing, pressing the two layers of lining, chest fat burning potential smoother.
(Viii) open pocket
1. Bag valves do
Bag valves with direct materials, the two net-like adhesive sheet liner bag attached to the back of the bag valves, surrounded aside seam, pocket reservation at 2cm. Two Kouguangtangsha. The small piece of cloth bags connected 2cm seam head, the mouth of the bag valves Ji 1cm spigot open wire, Ji-line straight, the same width.
2. Ji valves bags and bags doily
Bonding glue to the back of the bag liner position, and then press the bit line Ding Ji bags bags and bags valves mattress, two lines separated by about 1.5cm. Mattress bags by the bag at each end of the indentation 0.5cm.
3. open the bag
Ji in the middle of two lines cut, triangle cut ends, be careful not to cut Ji line.

4. points hot bag: the bag and the bag valves mattress flipping, hot seam apart. The lower flat cloth bags, mattress bags in separate seam on each side of Ji 0.1cm open wire. The lower fixed cloth bags.
5. seal bag
Laying the bag flat in the mouth a first seal, Ji-line 1cm, then a hand arch dark needle, sewing bags prison valves outside the mouth, or car Ji 0.1cm open wire.
(Ix) complex in the complex chest lining the chest lining retractor, make good pull formerly owned garment together a good hot chest lining cooling, the raw material stereotypes. First-lapel grid, the predecessor of the lining positioning, uniform surface lining, straight mouth only.
(J) apply with retractor
The garment settle the opposite direction, apply adhesive backing band led. In serial collar and corner flat barge deposited at the mouth of the outer segment and split the first split opening line of some tight dressing, in the following lapel buttonhole spigot flat cladding, led by the band at the bottom corner and apply a little tight.
(Xi) vermicelli and bottom slider
1. Pruning noodles and bottom of the Mouth manicured. Slider with 45 ° oblique silk lining, width about 2cm, hem silk linings available horizontal slider.
2. Ji Noodle slider
The roll bars front and noodles stacked, put seam flush Ji 0.4cm spigot, Ji-line straight. In the corner a little tight ear piece, protruding slightly loose so that the slider elastic fit. Ji after a good slider spigot straight, so consistent seam width.
3. Ji bottom slider front waist bottom slider and slider noodle process in the same manner.
(Xii) opening in the bag
Male coat bags commonly used embedded roll method. Before the first ear piece open bags lining the back stick, then the ear piece and oblique lines drawn insert bits powder bags printed materials welt cloth or scrape the grout stick thin lining, hot dry in.
(Xiii) complex Noodle
1. Complex Noodle
The complex contrast is good, good traction with a large wrap the body spigot ironing, split large head-body turn hot, flat face up, on the complex noodles. Noodle serial improve 2cm, split the first release outside the mouth 1cm, primary position to the hem of the Mouth and Noodle quasi flush swing, put the needle to the primary position along Walled split mouth line, then stop along the port to the Xiazhai.
2. Complex predecessor predecessor folder folder will collect the provincial hot back down, and then the folder in the complex body of clothing, armhole folder release 1cm, shoulder seam folder released 0.5cm, swing joints flush. Village along the Border line a slider or scraping a small amount of paste on the slider, the folder ironing in the complex, in the middle of the clip slightly put food trend. Finally, the bottom buckle folder light from the line D 2.5cm walled prison.
3. Ji-spoken predecessor only folder
The large body put, noodles next folder, press the powder line net Ji door lapel spigot, Ji-line is to be straight. After spigot Ji, Ji folder hem welt, then trim Ji Noodle dark line along the folder and Noodle Ji prison, when Ji Easing folder to prevent movement.
(Xiv) turned hot spigot
1. Revised spigot
The large body seam reservation 0.3-0.4cm, noodle seam reservation 0.6-0.7cm, the remaining seam trim off the excess inner ear piece folder seam also repair to the reverse side to Debra. In a collar Quezui place to cut, and then the hot water spigot seam points.
2. turn the spigot stop hot mouth pulls out, with the double-stranded wire Walled Village prison spigot, cover with a damp cloth hot real. It requires only straight mouth, left and right straight spigot, two symmetrical grid, split corners very flat, there is uniform inside and outside the nest potential spigot not turn spit.
3. fixed Walled Noodle
Mouth large body flat, split the first barge to transfer large body, folder upward, along the line a noodle slider Village, Noodle chest slightly loose. Then flip folder, start from 15cm below the shoulder, along the Border line a slider. Walled line is to be loose around the pin 3cm, while the cloth bags and lined with a definite prison.
4. The folder will trim at serial release noodles 2cm, horizontal necklines. Armhole release 1cm, shoulder seam release 0.5cm, the rest are mostly out of the folder out of repair.
(15) do back panties
The method is similar to the men's suits, the difference is big male clothes sewn back to Ji spigot open wire.

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First Ji back seam, placket seam 0.5cm, lapel 1.5cm. Ji After the sewing head down to placket hot cell, and then close the bottom button placket back panties good hot, then Ji Ming spigot. Placket grid and back seam are Ji 1cm spigot, lapel lattice seam head buckle turn, co-Ji folder after Ji 0.8cm spigot back panties at the needle back and forth three sealing Ji, Ji good cover cloth hot water evil.
(Xvi) Ji swing joints, making the bottom seam 2. 1. Ji pendulum swing seam given folder
3. To make the bottom 4. Village splayed back to Ji armhole crochet
(17) together shoulder seam
1. Ji shoulder seam
After the shoulder seam, the seam 0.5cm, the predecessor of the lower seam, seam 1.5cm, shoulder seam in the shoulder in a little place to eat 1/3 of the potential of the shoulder seam Ji Village after a good car. Backward sewing head back, open wire pressure 1cm. Ji-line straight requires consistent width, can not afford to ripple shape.
2. fixed shoulder seam
Zhongshan Fu suit or production methods with the same manufacturing process.
(18) to do the collar
1. sticky collar lining
After stitching under collar seam, hot seam apart. To make the folded-back collar stiff, sticky adhesive collar, net-like lining, the collar, the lower collar portion can stick two adhesive liner, liner bonding ratio of net-like indentation around 0.1cm. Then in the next general serial ports combined seam turn buckle Ji prison.
2. The return pull collar, the collar surface
Generals, the collar under the port side shoulder joints unplugged mouth GuiLong shoulder joints, shoulder joints collar folding line transports and collects.
3. Village complex maxillofacial
Would go to pull a good collar, and collar face relatively positive, stripe symmetrical, a walled port along the outer lead wire. Note that when Zhaiwai mouth, neck angle and shoulder seams in collar and front to put the potential to eat, to place inside and outside the walled nest uniform potential.
4. Ji, doubled the lead
Easing ironing surface generals, along collar lining net like Ji-line, off-line Ji lining 0.1cm, requires Ji straight line, eat part of the potential can not be moved. After pruning Ji spigot seam, collar, left seam head around 0.3cm, collar and front seam six head around 0.6cm, hot water points and pulls spigot, with thread spigot walled prison. Note that only the mouth for a straight walled, Waterloo clothes, collar angle pan left or right symmetry. Then cover the water cloth ironing.
5. trimmed collar and front serial port, at the mouth
Brought under the surface and serial ports left seam 1cm, the split serial port line at the neck and collar, face flush, straight trim.
(Xix) fitted collar
1. Ji-collar side serial
The noodles wire serial interface at the straight, draw a good net pink line, raise 1cm split in the line of the mouth, eyes Quezui knife aligning the noodles and maxillofacial serial port on the front line of a co-Village, Ji in the car. Note that the upper and lower elastic consistency, Ji-line straight, after ironing water, hot evil.
2. Replace the collar,
Fitted collar, to take a different process method according to the thickness of fabric:
(1) Operation of thin woolen: the first serial port and net bodice pink line drawn collar, the collar, collar pin serial and pink Indian Village along the prison, where the serial port at the collar, a little tight at the collar, shoulder seam a little loose, after leading at Pingzhai, pay attention to symmetrical left and right, and then the car Ji 0.1cm spigot. (2) Operation of thick woolen: woolen collar, after the serial port and under no seam. Thus, the general after lap seam Videos prospective, double walled shares generals in line along the collar line net powder Village Good, then Village character line generals in prison, pitch to close, generally pin-0.2cm, pumping line a little tight .
3. Walled set collar face, folder, sealing tape (1) Village collar and front folder. Will lead, on the opposite site of the shoulders up on bread cloth with neck and shoulder at the first line of Walled Village prison folder, then the folder with the collar after the collar in the car walled prison. Note that, the surface is consistent, folder should not be too tight. Finally, turn the collar side buckle 0.8cm seam line a walled, hand needle walled prison.
(2) sealing tape
Lining made with a length of about 7cm, width 8cm, both sides of the wire harness buckle light inside the car after Ji-collar center. Sling do net long position of about 5.5cm, Collar needle back and forth three.
(XX) do Sleeves
The big sleeves sheet on the small piece sleeve, big sleeves sewn head position 0.5cm, small sleeves sewn head position 1.5cm. Walled line will be a good car after Ji, then back sleeve seam ironing water, a large surface pressure cuff entire 1cm spigot open wire Ji, Ji-line straight requires consistent width.
(21) mounted sleeve
A process for men clothes sleeves and Western clothing sleeves and shoulder pads mounted process is basically the same. SIMPLE coat fabrics with thick thin reason, loading sleeve eat potential may be appropriately increased or decreased.
(Xxii) borrowing folder, Ji spigot
1. The borrowing folder
Qiao folder under the surface of the site with a collar opening, folder shoulder seam, armhole, noodle bottom. Borrowing requirements of the various parts folder Easing uniform, pin flush folder moderately elastic.
2. Ji-Mouth
Ji spigot include lead, lapels. Door lapel, the pressure should be on the front line, Ji width 1cm. Requirements Ji case straight, uniform width. Note that coat the predecessor folder hem and fabric is disengaged, do not hem predecessor folder sewn garment body.
(Xxiii) keyhole
Press the button size determines the size of the eye Zealand, New Zealand coat eye typically 3cm. If the coat of thick fabrics, use a coarse thread keyhole.
(Xxiv) ironing
Coat with requirements and wife ironing step is basically the same, except that it expected after the front cover of the Mouth Water cloth ironing, but also with the end of cold iron Teng Ya, so only the mouth flat clothes, very thin.
(Xxv) Dingkou
Nail button to be flush with the New York eye position. Breasted first determine the position of the gate line, and then determine the location of decorative buckle. The opposite can clinch lined pad buttons, cloth to prevent income loss.
(Twenty-six) test
Verification process and methods can refer to the quality requirements of this section.
– END –
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Industry analysts note (June 17) automotive, logistics, lighting, equipment manufacturing, energy
[ฟอรั่มวัฒนธรรม] วิธีที่จะเข้าใจวัฒนธรรมองค์กรของนวัตกรรมและนวัตกรรมโฟกัส
经理助理 福建省向天科技股份有限公司泉州 1500-1999/月

[Information] six standard implementation of Hebei Province to promote the steel industry to adjust the structure of production

June 8 morning, the Hebei Provincial People's Government held a news conference on the adoption of the implementation of environmental protection, energy consumption, water consumption, quality, technology and safety, six places strict national standards, Forced to exit the steel overcapacity, promote steel industry quality, efficiency and other relevant information for public release.

To reduce the possibility of leakage of confidential information, we should first ensure the security of data information. Only make the data security, to ensure the healthy and smooth business operation and development.
Twelve Five period to Hebei Iron and Steel production capacity achieved remarkable Hebei Steel to start production early, forceful and effective. It is understood that, in 2011, the country launched the first iron and steel industrial restructuring and resolve the excess production capacity; in 2013, plan to implement the 6643 project, resolve excess capacity into accelerate the implementation stage; in June 2014, the State Council officially approved Hebei steel industry after structural adjustment programs in the press can be cut at the same time, integration and restructuring, optimize the layout, transformation and upgrading, international cooperation in full swing production. Twelve Five period, the province shut down 87 demolition blast furnace, converter and electric furnace 94, Yajian iron production capacity of 33.91 million tons, 41.06 million tons of steel, smelting capacity of the company (plant points) by the 148 reduced to 109. Thirteen Five Hebei assume a national mandate Yajian 1/3 central supply-side structural reforms to make the strategic plan, especially the General Secretary Xi Jinping's important speech at the 13th Session of the Central Financial Work Leading Group on Hebei good simply follow the work provided that the capacity to ideas more clearly. Hebei provincial government steel production capacity to attach great importance, held a provincial standing committee, the provincial government executive will conduct research and deployment, and recently held a provincial coal iron and steel the capacity to mobilize the battle, and signed with the municipal government responsibility , the provincial Development and Reform Commission deputy inspector Gao Zhao pointed out, we will conscientiously implement the important instructions of the central leadership and the central decision-making arrangements, under the correct leadership of the provincial government and vigorously promote the iron and steel production capacity to focus on supply-side structural reforms. Hebei provincial government has signed with national responsibility for the goal, Thirteen Five period to assume a national mandate Yajian 1/3, Yajian iron production capacity 49.89 million tons, 49.13 million tons of steel, heavy, big responsibility. Forced to implement six standard steel production capacity out is reported for iron and steel production capacity to more fully and more stringent legal basis for the implementation of standards and standard Forced by the steel industry quality and efficiency, Hebei provincial government proposed study to use market mechanisms, economic instruments, to promote the rule of law approach to the production of steel. Raise standards in accordance with the relevant departments, sub-standard, the principle echelon withdrawal, revision and improvement of environmental protection, energy consumption, water consumption, quality, technology, safety and other six local standards, and to promote the steel industry Synchronization of the quality and efficiency of the relevant supporting measures Forced exit steel overcapacity, promote quality and efficiency of the steel industry, both to solve the to whom, how much to go, how to provide a standard basis, but also for the quality and efficiency of the steel industry provide policy support. Six types of standards are stricter than national standards or industry average and environmentally friendly, iron and steel industry in Hebei Province air pollutant emission standards has been revised to further improve the standard of steel, iron, sintering, pelletizing, rolling, ferroalloy step atmospheric pollutant emissions indicators proposed stricter than the national standards. Energy consumption, the implementation of Hebei Province, the main crude steel production processes of energy consumption per unit of product, sintering, pelletizing, blast furnace process unit product energy consumption limits are stricter than the national standards, national standards converter and flat. Water consumption, the implementation of Hebei water quota production water quota Part 2 Industrial water in the iron and steel, including coking process ordinary steel, special steel joint ventures are stricter than the national standard, the new coking process without common steel joint and other four criteria . Quality, technology, iron and steel enterprises General quality requirements, Steel Enterprise General technical requirements was officially released on June 2 this year, from July 1 implemented. Quality indicators were set up 25, 31 technology, in addition to new indicators and the implementation of the current national standard one, other or higher than the industry average of current national standards. Safety, Hebei Province Administration of Work Safety on Forced Yajian excess steel production capacity of the opinions based on the development of the Hebei steel industry to upgrade production safety regulations from the terms of the provisions of the 17 steel companies production safety norms. In addition, the provincial departments have formulated the enterprise standard management, optimization and upgrading of industry, steel production capacity to go out of steel standards and promotion of policy measures. At present, the steel industry in Hebei Province surrounding the restructuring and resolve excess capacity, initially formed a relatively complete system of 6 + N standards and supporting policies for the steel industry to achieve quality, efficiency, capacity to provide a strong support.
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Támogassák az új energia járművek politika megvalósítási módok összefoglaló

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Central Plains area Erqi Jinshui Guancheng District Huiji Xingyang Xinmi City Xinzheng City, Dengfeng City, Zhongmou County, New District Economic Development Zone, Gongyi City Airport Zone
Flights: 155-1455-9969 Tencent micro letter: 155-1455-9969
Information security is not entirely dependent on a particular control measures, we want to get the proper security, we need a multi-layer defense system, the control measures contained in the defense system but also easy to use, so that users can understand and accept, so we have strengthened security awareness training personnel defense system link.
Domestic air cargo business
Domestic air according to the commission of customers, from booking for domestic, home delivery, insurance, direct access to or transfer any domestic airport, delivery to the door, for a single piece of oversized overweight cargo, tracking, feedback, providing customers with fast , safe and efficient service.
Domestic air transportation
Zhengzhou Airlines launched air and domestic air operations, with its fast, safe and punctual ultra-efficient won a large market, greatly reducing the delivery time, improve aviation air transport supply chain speed, accelerate cash flow and customer assistance cycle speed, the entire market environment play a role in promoting. One after another and work together with major airlines, enhance service awareness, and make Zhengzhou air their own characteristics, fast, high effectiveness, good service brand.
service method
Note resignation signed confidentiality agreement, especially for the industry switched to a competitor's employees.
Service purposes
Customer first, honesty, safely and on time, the pursuit of aging.
Service philosophy
Think customers think, anxious customers, quality and efficient, safe and accurate services to win customer satisfaction.

Airlines launched aging air quality and air transport services 24 hours a day aviation system to the market according to the different needs of customers to provide quality
Satisfied with the whole aviation air service (6 hours, 12 hours, 24 hours, 36 hours, 48 hours) cargo port to port service.
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